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man on roofDo you cut glass to size?
Yes, we do cut glass in our shop: 3/32" (single strength) usually used for wood windows; 1/8" (double strength) usually used for metal windows, depending upon size; 3/16" sometimes used for tabletop protection, sometimes used for windows; 1/4" sometimes used for tabletops or for tabletop protection.
What is a single hung window?
A window that slides vertically, and is reminiscent of old-style sash windows.   
What is a double hung window?
A window that has two sashes that slide up and down.
What is obscure glass?
Obscure glass is any textured glass such as frosted, fluted, ground, etc., which is used for privacy, light diffusion, or decorative effects.

What is argon gas?
Argon gas is an inert, nontoxic gas used in insulating glass units to reduce heat transfer.
What does beveled mean?
A sloping edge between parallel surfaces on glass or mirror, with sizes ranging from ½” to ¾” to 1” to 1 ½”.

What is the U-factor?
U-factor or U-value is the measure of heat flow though a material. The lower the U-factor, the greater a window’s resistance to heat flow and the better its insulating value.
What is Low-E?
Low-E is a virtually invisible metallic coating used to reflect heat back to its source. It is applied as a thin coat on the panes of glass.

Do you do auto glass?

Sorry, no auto glass.

What are the pros of vinyl replacement windows?

  • Cost — Vinyl replacement windows are cheaper than wood and any other type of replacement window. 
  • Non-conductive — In the winter, vinyl window frames slow down the transfer of cold into your nice, warm house.  In summer, vinyl window frames inhibit the movement of heat into your air-conditioned house.  
  • No painting needed. 
  • Vinyl does not rot or deteriorate.

buildingWhat are the cons of vinyl replacement windows?

  • Cannot be painted.

What are the pros of wood windows?

  • Wood windows produce higher R-values (the higher the R-value, the more resistant the window is to heat flow).
  • They are also unaffected by temperature extremes and are less prone to condensation.

What are the cons of wood windows? 

  • If wood frames are not properly protected from moisture, they can crack, peel, or deform.
  • Exterior windowsills and window casements will need to be periodically repainted.
  • Wood windows are generally more expensive than other types of replacement windows, especially if you choose high-end wood replacement windows. 

What are the pros of aluminum windows?

  • Aluminum windows have a higher strength to weight ratio than wood, vinyl, or fiberglass. They also perform better in high-wind areas.
  • Because aluminum can be shaped into almost any form, it is possible to create a wide variety of options.
  • Aluminum windows are very durable and do not require a lot of maintenance. Unlike wood, they do not require to be repainted and will not rot or peel after time.

What are the cons of aluminum windows?

  • Aluminum windows have low R-values; therefore, they cause considerate conductive heat loss. They also produce some amount of condensation around their frames.
  • Even though aluminum windows can be painted, the paint job will not be as good as one from a window made of wood. 

What are the pros of fiberglass windows?

  • You can paint fiberglass windows.
  • Fiberglass is strong, so hollow parts can be made, and filled with insulation.

What are the cons of fiberglass windows?

  • Their cost.
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